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Author:  Sebastian
E-mail:  dfaizakoff@hotmail.com
Date:  8/19/2003 1:05:00 AM
Subject:  Bracha
Message:  The Rav said:

Rav Moshe says that just because he's doing one sin, we should tell him to do another.

I'm curious, if one eats treif or something that is bishul akum or cheese that is not gevinat yisrael, or wine that has no hecsher should he still make a bracha?

Wouldnt that be the same as wearing a kipah in a place one should not be in the first place? He's going to eat it anyway and get hanaah and sustinance so shouldnt he make a bracha?
Reply:  No. Because here he is making a Beracha (blessing) on the Treif (non-kosher food) itself. He should probably make a blessing on the soda that he drinks with it.

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