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Author:  Stan Jacobson
E-mail:  espepper@aol.com
Date:  8/18/2003 2:01:00 PM
Subject:  Pronounciation
Message:  Dear Rabbi,

When it comes to differences in pronounciation between sephardim and ashkenazim, you have indicated that each person should adhere to his minhag. Does this only apply to tefillah, kriat hatorah, etc., or even to learning. In other words, if a Sephardic guy is learning gemara in an ashkenazic environment, does it make any sense for him to be a "purist" and speak like a true Sephardi? I have often wondered whether your father shlita, for example, speaks "Ashkenazis" when he delivers shiurim in Kollel or when he was at Lakewood. I have noticed that you sometimes use "Ashkenazis" in posts, and this made me curious about the issue in general.

Reply:  No difference. Except when learning Tanach keep your Minhag. It would probably be OK for an Ashkenazi to pray like a Sephardi, but not vice-versa. I sound like an Ashkenazi amongst Sephardim and like a Sephardi amongst Ashkenazim. I'm all mixed up, but for praying and Tanach I try to maintain the Sephardic pronounciation. As long as it is Leshem Shamayim, it is fine. If people do it for attention......

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