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Author:  Yoilee
E-mail:  yoel@cgi.com
Date:  8/11/2003 11:40:00 AM
Subject:  Tachnun
Message:  Dear Rabbi Abadi,

If a person comes to shul on a weekday morning where the minyan is at Shmoneh Esrai (so he cannot catch-up) and then finds out there is no tachnun being said because of a chosson bo bayom:

1. If by the time he finishes Shmoneh Esrai there is nobody left in the Shul, does he have to say tachnun, if yes, then
2. If there is one person from the minyan left, does he have to say tachnun, if yes, then
3. If the chosson is left from the minyan, does he have to say tachnun, if yes, then
4. Is there a situation where he is not davening with the minyan that he does not say tachnun.

Thank you.
Reply:  1, 2, & 3) NO
4) If he does not feel like saying Tachnun, he can skip it anytime. The main requirements to concentrate on is Shema, Shemoneh Esrey/Amida, Birchot Kriat Shema, Baruch She'amar, Ashrei, And Yishtabach. The rest of the Davening/prayers is important, but you do not need to say it. If one is tired or sick, or just not in the mood, or could miss Tefilah Betzibur (praying in a group), or has a hard time concentrating on so much, it is OK to omit the rest. Most people will consider this statement pure heresy, but then they might be mumbling millions of words, sounding like a motor, with no real meaning. Whether one says more or one says less, the main thing is that he directs his thoughts and his intentions to God. The prayer program is so long as it is, and it is mind boggling how they justify adding a few chapters of Tehillim (Psalms), just to make it a bit harder. This just causes the people to have less concentration & less understanding of what they're saying. It amazes me every year to see people reading Kinos on Tisha Be'Av for hours and hours, often without a clue as to anything that they're saying. The Halachah is very clear as to what to skip in order to make Tefilah Betzibur, yet most people will not skip anything and rather miss Tefillah Betzibur.

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