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Author:  Faygie Tobi
E-mail:  tobi@grasses.com
Date:  8/8/2003 12:46:00 PM
Subject:  Ribbis
Message:  Dear Rabbi A. Abadi,
I have a couple of questions about the laws of charging interest.
I have heard that it is a problem if: I bought a meal for a friend of mine without any intention of ever being paid back. A couple of weeks later we were out together and he wanted to buy me a more expensive meal as 'payment' for the meal i bought for him. I have heard that this may be forbidden by Rabbinic decree. Please comment.
Another question - is it permissable to give a postdated check to charity for $20 and ask for $10 cash back immediately? The potential problem is that this transaction may be viewed as though the tzadaka gave me $10 now and in response to that $10 I will at some later date (i.e. when the postdated check is cashable) give him $20, extra money for the privelage of using his money now.
Finally, my son is going to israel in a couple of weeks and he wanted me to ask if 1) ohr yitzchak is available and cheaper there 2) must one rip his shirt if he went to the kotel, tore his shirt then, stayed in jerusalem for 30 days without going to the kotel, and then once again visited the kotel.
Reply:  A) not an issue.
B) A corporation is not a problem anyway.
1) It might be. Ask over there. I think that there is only one store there that sells it. Look up my father in Har Nof.
2) Yes. We spend so much money on the most expensive Etrog, but most people sell their $10 Syms shirt in order to not rip it.

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