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Author:  Bobby Kreepers
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Date:  8/8/2003 12:33:00 PM
Subject:  Brachos
Message:  I have many friends who are sadly not yet observent of Torah Law. May I give them food to eat knowing that they will not make a blessing before consuming the food? How about my friend who will certainly not make a bracha AFTER eating but will make the bracha before injestion? What about those who make the wrong bracha?
Another question - may I speak with these individuals knowing that in all likelyhood they will respond with some word of questionable constitution (be it 4 letters or otherwise).
Another question unrelated to all the above - is it realy forbidden to speak about mundane matters in a beis hakenesses - everyone does it, including scrupulous rabbis. I have yet to see an individual who is careful not to. Please tell me if you believe that one should be careful with this precept even in this day in age.
Reply:  1)   give them, and tell them to make a blessing.

2)   keep away

3)   we can't allow something that is not allowed.

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