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Author:  yitz
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Date:  8/6/2003 12:41:00 PM
Subject:  zohar
Message:  Many years ago I purchased a set of the Zohar from an organization called the kaballah center. Thankfully, my involvement with that group was nothing more than purchasing the books (and them calling me to presure me into donating $, which I never did). This organization has a reputation for being completely not Torah-true on every level.
I've seen this publisher's Zohar at many Torah observant homes, and even at an Orthodox synagogue. I mention this because a friend saw these books at our home, he asked me from where they were purchased, and concluded that because of where they came from, they have bad mazal, and should therefore be put in geniza.
Haham, does this seem proper to you?
Reply:  The Kaballah Center is a center for dishonesty, Kefirah, and Aveirot. If it is a standard Sulam version of Zohar, it's fine. They came to me and I told them that I'm still working on the Talmud.... I'm not ready for Zohar. Incidentally, J... Witness people also came by. All these things are shortcuts to high feelings of spirituality. It doesn't work. You need to do it the way God requires it. It's hard, and that's life.

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