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Author:  Gordon Shmuel
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Date:  8/5/2003 3:16:00 PM
Subject:  Copywright
Message:  Dear Rav Abadi Shlita,

I understand that it is your opinion that it is permissable to copy a book for personal use. You also state that nothing is mentioned in choshen mishpat with relevance to this subject. I wonder why it is not considered as though the seller sold the book/cd etc. completely except for the "baalus" on photocopying, seeing as how torah law views ownership over any particular object having the ability to be fragmented, so to speak, meaning that one has the ability to sell all the rights and privilages to any object while retaining certain rights for himself/herself. This seems to be the case when a book is bought and the seller writes in the book that photocopying is prohibited - doesn't this mean that all the rights to the ownership of the book have been sold save for the right to photocopy it? Please write back with a detailed response including sources if they are being used.
Much thanks and continue your wonderful work!
Reply:  The law dictates the rule here.
I never said anything; just find out what the law is and follow it.
Let's drop the subject....

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