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Author:  Baruch Goldshmitt
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Date:  8/4/2003 8:30:00 PM
Subject:  Brachos
Message:  It is my understanding that when there is a combination of 2 foods together that one is an ikar and the other is a taful, necessitating one bracha and any additional bracha is considered a bracha levatalah. i was wondering, if i made that 1 bracha and ate the food and all that was left from the dish was the part that on its own would be its own bracha, must i make a bracha for that remaining food. Please respond quoting sources.
Reply:  excellent question! For example, if you finish the cereal in your bown and there is milk left, should you make a Shehakol on the milk. The answer is that you do not make another Beracha.

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