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Author:  Ari
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Date:  8/4/2003 8:32:00 AM
Subject:  Jacket
Message:  I understand why it is ridiculous to say that there is an obligation to wear a hat for davening, since today people don't wear hats on the street or when they meet with an important person. But what about wearing a jacket (and I don't mean a windbreaker! It is equally crazy when people put on an old windbreaker to daven). After all, if I went to see the mayor or a big rabbi, I would put on a jacket, so should I wear it for davening?
   Also, should I have different suits for Shabbat?
Reply:  No such rule on all accounts. There is no requirement to dress for Prayer as if you were going to see the Mayor or a Rabbi. This is just used as an example to show yourself what should certainly not be worn, "would you go like that in front of..."   The actual Halachah is to dress like you would publicly. (That is very clear in the Mishnah Berura). Years ago when men went into the street, they wore their hats. Now, it is history. There is still a certain Koved Rosh (humility & respect) that is attained when the head is covered with the Talit or any type of respectable hat (not a baseball cap). This is an extra credit item that each should decide on their own, & it is only for the Amida/Shemona Esrey.
There is no specific requirements for suits, but Shabbat clothes should be nice & clean. If you wear nice suits during the week and also on Shabbat, it's perfectly fine.

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