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Author:  Sebastian
E-mail:  not available
Date:  7/10/2003 4:41:00 PM
Subject:  Compass
Message:  1) Any problem using a compass on Shabbat to figure out which way to davend in shul?

2) Dont we have to worry about standing out in shul as the only one facing a different direction?

3) Isn't it kind of like spending too long on Shmonah Esrei which you have said people do just to look more frum?
Reply:  1) Why not, but don't get obsessed with it.
2) Try not to make a scene.
3) Absolutely. But every shul has people going in many directions. There are ways of being inconspicuous. For example, if you really should be facing a bit to the left, put your siddur on the Bimah from the side and you'll automatically be facing in the right direction, a bit of an angle. The people looking will think you're just trying to see your siddur better. No-one will notice.

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