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Author:  SA
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Date:  7/10/2003 9:29:00 AM
Subject:  Direction of Prayer -- follow up
Message:  Thank you for answering my question; but I am still unclear about how to proceed.

In the previous post:
Author: SA
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Date: 6/19/2003 9:09:54 AM
Subject: Direction of Prayer
Message: If a shul has the Aron Hakodesh situated against the south wall such that the congregants face south for the Amida, should one [while facing south like all the others] nevertheless veer his head towards the east (as stated in Shulchan Aruch 94:2)?

Reply: You can face East, or rather the direction of the Beit HaMikdash.


Do you mean that I should "stand facing East" while everyone else stands facing South, OR should I "stand facing South and turn my head East"?

Thank you for clarifying.
Reply:  First confirm your direction 100%, & if you are right, you should face Jerusalem, or east if that is one & the same.

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