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Author:  Sebastian
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Date:  7/7/2003 3:43:00 PM
Subject:  Brachot
Message:  1) If I fill a plate of food at a buffet that contains a variety of salads, pastas, fish, vegetables, cheeses and even some croutons what bracha should I make?

2) If they are not all tossed together and are sort of sectioned off on the plate should I make a seperate bracha on each (ie. one mezonot, one haadamah, one shehakol?)

3) Is it necessary to wash and make hamotzi in this situation?

4) Is it always required to wash and make hamotzi for every "meal"?

5) If so, what constitutes a meal versus a snack?

Thank you.
Reply:  1) They are eaten separately and get their respective Berachot.
2) You don't normally mix it a ll together....
3) No
4) no
5) n/a

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