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Author:  chaim
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Date:  3/19/2007 11:01:00 AM
Subject:  Oven-confused
Message:  Kavod Harav,

the following 2 posts seem to contradict the last post, what is the correct halacha?

Message: Is there a correct way to use an electric oven to heat food on shabbat? Can it even be used? Thank you.

Reply: I assume that you want to take cooked food and reheat it on Shabbat morning.

If you put the oven on such a low number that the food does not get too hot even if it's in there for 2 hours, you can reheat in it on Shabbat.

The way to tell if it is "not too hot," is to try it at that number during the week, and if you can take something right from the oven and put it straight into your mouth, then it is not too hot.


Message: in reference to heating in the oven on shabbat-even if it is "not too hot" as responded to Nadine, is there any halachic problem with putting something INTO the oven?
(rather than ON a blech)

Reply: It is OK, if the oven is on a setting that is not too hot, because for that Shabbat it is not really an oven. You cannot bake or cook at that temperature.


Message: I have a gas stove/oven, and I leave it on all shabbos so I can warm my food up in the oven during shabbos day... but now my husband thinks its not allowed... Is it allowed??

Reply: It can not be done.

Thank you,
Reply:  I did not see any reference in the bottom posting to having it on a temperature that was not hot enough to be a problem. That is why I responded the way I did. This is not an area where I can leave open for the imagination.
The correct halacha is exactly the way AA presented it.

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