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Author:  AS
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Date:  3/18/2007 10:48:00 AM
Subject:  berachot acharonot
Message:  HI Rabbi
I am having a problem deciding when bore nefashot is necessary. First- how much do you have to eat for a bore nefashot? Second- i read somewhere that you can only say it if you finished the item within 7 minutes.. is that true? After eating an apple do i need to say bore nefashot?
Also- same thing with al hamechia- how much do i have to eat to say it? And is that the same rule- you have to finish within a certain amount of time to say this beracha acharona?
Reply:  Bore Nefashot and Al Hamechia should only be made after eating a Kezayit within 4 minutes.
Yes-an apple is no different.

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