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Author:  Sebastian
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Date:  6/18/2003 2:55:00 PM
Subject:  Brachot
Message:  The Rav indicated we should should make a bracha on gum.

1) Can we assume that we should make a bracha (blessing) on any small item of food like mints or tic-tacs?

2) What about a bracha achronah (after blessing)?

3) Does it matter how much of the item we have eaten? If so, how much do we have to have eaten to warrant a bracha acronah?

4) What about gum which continues to give flavour which we swallow for quite a while?

Reply:  1) yes
2) 3) & 4) Kazayit = (about a half a regular egg) eaten within Kedey Achilat Pras; which is eating it straight and not a little bit here and there.

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