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Author:  Annonymous
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Date:  3/14/2007 1:03:00 PM
Subject:  FW: A poem about the recent tragedies

Day in and day out,

We are being reminded

So why is it that so many of us

Are just standing still, so blinded?

Kol Dodi Dofek

Hashem is POUNDING at our door

Dont we see whats happening?

Do we know what might be in store?

This past week alone

Was way more than we can comprehend

So shouldnt we get real, and understand

That Hashem has a message to send

Kol Dodi Dofek

Hes are father, who wants to come in

Why is it, whats our problem-

That the door we refuse to open?!?!?

A young father of 10

Niftar after a long illness

Who fought for years

To overcome his tragic sickness

A 16 year old girl,

At the prime of her years

Left several who knew her

Drowning in their tears

A yeshiva bochur in Lakewood

Just collapsed over a Gemora

He went to his final resting place

Straight from a Makom Torah

A baby boy was taken

As Innocent and pure as can be

His precious little neshama

Was returned pretty instantly

A mother with her daughter en-route

To the husband / father on har hazisim

Did it dawn on them that a car crash

Would deem them too as Meissim?

and now this father was just niftar

At his own daughters wedding


Where are we heading?????

Each of these tragic stories

Come with children, siblings, and friends

These four line short stanzas

Are FAR from where their suffering begins and ends!

Im certainly not a rav,

Not a rebba, nor a rebbitzin

I just want to share an idea

Something thats screaming from within!

I think every reader, each subscriber

Should work on ahavas yisroel

Thats should be our utmost priority

To promote Bias Hagoel

Lets forget about chasing kavod

Leave your fortunes and money aside

Just respect, forgive, and be honest

Even if its below your sense of pride

Its nice to do chessed in public

You get all the fanfare and bliss

Thats not what Im talking about-

JUST BE NICE plain Kindness!!

Just be a good person,

Respect each person for who they are

Not for their wealth, their beauty

Or their new 2007 car

There is one word that needs refreshing

And that is - to: FARGIN

It needs lots of practice

Lets give that all our attention!

Just be happy for others

Just learn to forgive

Lets practice Ahavas Yisroel

So we can all continue to LIVE!!!

Our life isnt guaranteed

So what are you going to do?

If we dont improve, you never know

The next one can be YOU!

(chas Vshalom)


Wake up and smell the coffee!

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