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Author:  giveret mazal
E-mail:  gluckdenise@msn.com
Date:  3/7/2007 11:15:00 PM
Subject:  tzedaka
Message:  I had a very large check, payable to me, held in an escrow account by my attorney; normally the accrued interest during its holding would have been mine. In this instance, the interest was set aside by my state's bar association to benifit indigent clients. Although this money went to tzedaka, I had no choice in the distribution. Can I still consider it a charitable donation (not from an IRS standpoint, but for fulfilling a mitzva)?
Reply:  Interesting question...

There are two problems here. First, how would you know if those people where Halachically worthy of Charity.

Second, it sounds like you were never entitled to that money.


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