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Author:  Gedalya Wielgus
E-mail:  alittle2smart4u@aol.com
Date:  2/9/2003 5:12:00 PM
Subject:  tehilim
Message:  I din't really understand from your show what exactly is wrong with saying tehilim after davening in shul.Could you please explain?Thank you.
Reply:  Look at the Vilna Gaon's sefer "Maaseh Rav. In ten different places it discusses this. There are many problems with this. My personal favorite is the fact that 85% of the people just finished saying a few thousand Pesukim, and hundreds of different Berachot & Tefilot, without having any Kavana whatsoever, and now to give God just that little bit of extra pleasure, we're gonna say a few Kapitlach Tehilim....

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