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Author:  Natan
E-mail:  natan1d@gmail.com
Date:  11/3/2006 2:08:00 AM
Subject:  Cleats on Shabbat
Message:  You mentioned in your previous posts that ball playing and (enjoyable) exercising are permissible. However, I understand that there may be an issue with ripping grass on Shabbat.

1) Is it permissible to run on grass?
2) Is it permissible to play football on grass?
3) Is it permissible to wear cleats while running on grass? (cleats are more likely to tear grass than sneakers)
Reply:  1) no problem
2) In a situation that ball playing is muttar it would be okay on grass also.
3)No, it is making holes which is Choresh/Chofer (digging).

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