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Author:  Shlomo
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Date:  1/6/2003 4:00:00 PM
Subject:  Ignored Practices
Message:  1. Why don't we do Likut Atzamot any more?

2. Hw come no one seems to wash their hands when them come into shul? Is this a halakhah that is ignored, or just a custom?

3. When in the morning are we supposed to say al netilat yadaim? (Again, most people I know don't say this berakhah in the morning)

4. Do you have to wash your hands with a cup in the morning (also widely ignored)?
Reply:  1) Huh?!
2) Chassidim still do it. Now with water piped to our homes, we constantly clean our hands & therefore don't need to wash again.
3) You can say it when you wash or at the beginning of your morning prayers.
4) YES, unless you don't have one...

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