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Author:  SA
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Date:  10/11/2006 4:38:00 PM
Subject:  Supper on Simchat Torah -- Elaboration
Regarding this post:

What is the Earliest halachically permissible time to make kiddush and begin Simchat Torah dinner on Motzaei Shabbat ? (Sundown, 30 min. after Sundown ... etc )

Thanks for the suggestion and clarification

Reply: After Plag Hamincha on Shabbat. The same time that it would be permissible to make havdala. The problem is you cannot do anything for the meal that you won't be eating or using till after shkia.


1) You mean, to make havdala without fire (since fire cannot be handled or kindled until tzet hakochavim) correct?

2) Is this acceptable: At sundown, set the table and make kiddush (including Havdala without candle) and eat dinner ... then go to shul for the hakafot ?

3) Also, you mentioned you eat dinner first, but when do you end up praying? If after dinner, aren't they done at your shul with arvit by then? Do you pray b'yachid that night?

Reply:  1. Correct
2. I do it every year for the last few years.
3. No, they pray Arvit 90 minutes after shkia. The reason for that, is you cannot carry anything to shul till after Shabbat (first day Yom Tov - other years) is over. Because, whatever you are bringing to shul is for the Second day and that is Hachan which is assur if you are doing a Melacha also (carrying).

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