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Author:  phil
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Date:  10/27/2002 7:05:00 PM
Subject:  pesukei dezimra
Message:  is pseukei dezimra a hiyuv or a good idea, the gemara says shibhu, but the mishna torah says tiknku, or so i am told, and there are the opening and closing berakhot implying that it is a mitzvah.

and if it is a hiyuv, why arent women obligated to say it
Reply:  If one is late to Shul and will possibly miss the time of Kriat Shema or Tefilah, or the ability to pray with a Minyan, he should skip much or all of Pesukei DeZimrah in order to make it on time. Yet, if he can be on time, he should certainly say all of it & the Korbanot. This is all very clear in Shulchan Aruch. You don't need word of mouth for this....
On the other hand, a woman in today's world is conditioned not to pray, with all sorts of Halachic and other explanations. The main prayer is still Shemona Esreh/Amida. Of course it would be real nice if they were able to pray it all, just like the men. It is certainly more of a requirement than Tehilim groups. The thing is that if they take on the whole thing, they will certainly fail. Let the woman just do the required prayers for a few years, three times a day. If she is 100% successful & feels like adding some more prayers, then she should go right ahead. Isn't it strange that all elemetary and high school girls pray the entire thing daily and immediately after high school most of them stop "cold-turkey?" Why?! Kol HaMosif, Goreyah! (He who adds, subtracts)

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