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Author:  Zela
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Date:  10/25/2002 1:35:00 PM
Subject:  Women and prayer
Message:  1. Are women obligated in any form of prayer?
2. What is the minimum requirement? What is to be gained to adding to that minimum?
3. Are women obligated in arbit on Friday nights?
Reply:  1) Yes. Amida/Shemona Esreh   3 times a day & 4 times on Shabbat & Holidays. plus Birkot Hashachar.
2) Don't add to the minimum until you have been doing this steady for a few years. It is certainly strange to say Tehillim but not the Amida/Shemona Esreh.
3) Yes. Women are not reqired to pray Arbit/Maariv in the same way as men. While men must pray in any situation, a woman who forgot Arbit & began to get undressed for bed, may skip it that evening. Additionally, if she is busy with another Mitzvah that cannot wait, she may skip Arbit.

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