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Author:  DS
E-mail:  davids@handcraftmfg.com
Date:  10/25/2002 9:52:00 AM
Subject:  Meditation Rooms in airports
Message:  I had a business trip the other day. Praying at home or shul was not an option because it was before the z'man.

When i got to the airport, i noticed a meditation / prayer room. It appears that any and all faiths use this room. There are no crosses, or other religious articles visible. (Except a cross behind a curtain that could be displayed during a catholic service.

1-Is it permitted to pray in a room as such?
2-Would it matter if there are other people in the room praying at the same time?
3-Does it matter if they are Muslim or Christian? Because from what i understand, we hold that Islam is monotheistic and Christianity is not really monotheistic.

thanks for sharing your wisdom
Reply:  It's OK.

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