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Author:  Zela
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Date:  10/22/2002 3:40:00 PM
Subject:  Neder
Message:  I went to see an adam gadol for a bracha, and was given one. However, his aides then pulled me aside and asked me for an ongoing committment for a contribution (%of maaser). I felt coerced into agreeing to this committment and felt that my circumstance was exploited for financial gain (albeit for tzedakah and good things).

I wonder if, since I feel so awful because of what happened, what would be an appropriate way of breaking this oral agreement. I have a place that I have been giving to already and feel bad to stop giving to them or reducing the amount I give them.

Reply:  A commitment is a commitment. You can go to a Rav in peson to be Matir Neder, meaning to get absolved of this commitment.

Is there some thing that you learned about this cause that you did not originally know? If yes, get back to me...
In any case, you should always be careful about going to these type of places. I grew up where thousands of people would visit my father every week. Had I known it was such a lucrative business, I could be real rich. Real Gedolim don't do this....

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