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Author:  Ben Avraham
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Date:  7/3/2006 3:12:00 PM
Subject:  Jerusalem Beit Din on Diaspora Conversions
Message:  Kavod Harav,

Diaspora conversions performed by Rabbis not approved by the Jerusalem Beit Din will not be accepted in Israel.

I have a few questions about this:

If a person's conversion is not accepted by the Jerusalem Beit Din, are they still a Jew in the US and only a gentile in Israel?

If a person's conversion would not be accepted by the Jerusalem Beit Din (because it was performed by a Rabbi they do not recognize), what is their status?

Thank you.

Reply:  I don't know the specifics of the 'Jerusalem Beth Din' policy. However if one had an Orthodox conversion, he is Jewish. Otherwise, he is not Jewish. I can't imagine that there would be any confusion about the differentiation.

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