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Author:  David
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Date:  6/29/2006 9:41:00 AM
Subject:  Wedding time
Message:  Dear Rabbi
In your opinion:
1. Is there a potential halachic problem if a wedding ceremony occured after sunset but the ketuba is dated for the Hebrew day before sunset?
2. Does it help if the kinyan and signing of the ketubah occured before sunset? or before nightfall?
3. Does it help if the ceremony occurred after sunset but before nightfall? or within 72 minutes after sunset?
4. What would be the case "after the fact" (bedi'eved)?
Reply:  1. Yes. They need a new Kesuba
2. It would be good if the kinyan was before shkia. (nightfall - whats that)
3. c # 2
4. c # 1

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