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Author:  Pinhas
E-mail:  pinhashatch@hotmail.com
Date:  5/15/2006 10:56:00 PM
Subject:  Be Careful!
Message:  I just had a look at the questions and answers under the STAM section. Wow. Eye opening. I recently had my teffillin checked. Pasul legamrei, from the beggining. Im learning fast to not trust anyone, they came from a "reliable" sofer, a Rabbi I know in my community. Im in the process of trying to get a full refund. How many years I never tied kosher teffillen? How many wasted brachahs?

I purchased new teffillin in the mean time. I picked out the parashiot myself, and went over them. Requested to watch the batim guys put them in. The first parashiah, he didnt even put all the way up into the bayit! So I have to be there to stand on a batim guys head!!!! Im disgusted, I had to stand over to make sure each when went all the way in. I had to protest and fuss to make sure he did it. If I wasnt there, thats what I would have gotten. While there, a pair of atzei chaim were innadvertently knocked to the floor, they guy who did it didnt stop to pick them up, and he and the others kind of smirked and giggled. One walked by and shoved it out of the way with the back of his foot!!!!! Whether or not those atzei chaim have been or havent ever been in a sefer Torah, I dont care! You dont leave it on the the floor or push it aside with the back of your foot, or laugh about dropping them!!!!!!!!!!! I converted to judaism in 97. I am ready to take my family into the woods, and practice a simple pure faith, without the horrors I see.
Always before you buy mezzuzot or teffillin, look over the parashiot your self, look at the letters, dont buy it closed. Dont trust anyone, it comes to this. And yes 3 out of four times that Ive boughten mezzuzot, they were pasul, I check before I buy now. Hatzlachah.
Reply:  Like you said in your subject "be careful". I can't add anything to that.

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