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Author:  Gabe
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Date:  4/16/2006 12:26:00 PM
Subject:  gas on yomtov,hachana
Message:  Dear Rabbi:
Two things I need clarification on:
1. You stated in two postings that it is ok to turn a gas flame off on yom-tov. Is this not KIBUI which is not allowed. If not, please explain. I've always been under the impression that turning gas on was OK but not off.
2. One is not permitted to prepare from one day of yom tov for the next(hachana). What exactly does this cover? For example, can I put a bottle of wine in the refrigerator on the first day for the second day? Or, if I'm at someone's house for lunch on the first day, can I carry home Matzah for the second seder?

Thanks and Chag Sameach.
Reply:  1. The melacha of Kibui is the extinguish a coal or any other item that is burning (ie wick, wood, etc.) that can now be better used for any purpose. Gas stove has nothing burning but the gas.
2. the answer to both your examples, is no. You should not even talk about what you want to do the next day Yom Tov, just like you should'nt talk about sunady on Shabbat

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