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Author:  zev
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Date:  4/16/2006 3:48:00 AM
Subject:  working as a veterinarian
Message:  Dear Rebbe,
I am new to this forum but became immediately impressed by the depth and knowledge of your responces. I am an orthodox jew who works as a veterinarian. As part of my job i am obligatedto desex male and female animals by removing their reproductive organs. I am awore of the halahic problems that arrise. I have spoken to a number of rabonim on this subject. None of them have given me a clear answer. Should i quit and change profession or are there steps I can take to protect myself from any transgression? Thank you for your help on this matter.
Reply:  unfortunately, yes this is a problem. The only Bediavad way around it is if someone else does the disecting...

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