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Author:  SS
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Date:  4/15/2006 9:18:00 PM
Subject:  Oven on Yom Tov
Message:  Which is the ccrrect pesak re. oven controls on Yom Tov?

Subject: Electric oven on Yom tov
Message: If an oven has a digital display can the temperature be adjusted? (assuming that there is no sabbath mode)

I know that many people do not change the temperature because of the LED display which seems stragne to me as there is no melacho involved.


Reply: You are correct, but don't say it to people that don't want to hear it.

Subject: raising oven temp. on digital oven
Message: On Yom Tov, is it permissible to raise the temperature of an oven already on, if the digital display will show the new temperature?

Reply: As of now the answer is no because of the possible writing issue.

Reply:  What AA said is correct. Since it is something that could not have been done before yom tov, it can be done on Yom Tov. The writing issue is a non-issue

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