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Author:  Single and don't want to hear the L"H
E-mail:  sad253@stern.nyu.edu
Date:  4/3/2006 9:27:00 AM
Subject:  Lashon Hara
Message:  Rabbi,
I know they say that saying lashon hara for dating purposes can be ok but where do you draw the line? It's ok for someone to say comments like "oh that family is ehhh" or "you know he just isn't your calliber" I mean these comments just feel wrong, and I'm not even saying them, I'm recieving them. What do you suggest?
~single but don't want to hear the L'H!
Reply:  Get yourself a Rov. Let him dig through the muck to get a clear picture. Most of what you hear out there is not to be taken very seriously. I do admit, it can be very confusing. A rov can clear your mind. Hatzlacha

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