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Author:  Pinhas
E-mail:  pinhashatch@hotmail.com
Date:  3/13/2006 1:06:00 PM
Subject:  photography
Message:  I have a friend who is a Toldos Aron hassid. He told me that they don't get involved with photography, as in they don't want photos taken of themselves, and don't believe in photos, because they say it damages your soul to be photographed. Now I did learn in high school that there are african and peleponesian tribes that believe this too, so I thought maybe there is something to it. Ive also read that the Ben Ish Hai says not to be photographed, except for shoulders and head. Is there kabala regarding the soul and photos?
Reply:  I'm still working on the 613. When I get those down pat, I'll get to this concept. I recommend the same to the Toldos Aron fellows....

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