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Author:  joe camel
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Date:  2/21/2006 2:02:00 PM
Subject:  RE: smoking
Message:  The original poster regarding smoking is so misinformed one has to wonder if he's writing on behalf of a tabacco company. In fact, even those companies today acknowledge the severe health risks of smoking. First of all, no serious scientist in their right mind would predict that "cancer won't be fatal by 2015." There are hundreds of different types of cancer each with its own pathophysiology, genetic abnormalities, survival rates, teatment modalities etc. "Cancer" is not just one disease which can be cured just like that. Lung cancer in particular, unlike some other cancers, has a dismal prognosis whch HAS NOT improved significantly in the past 50 years. Many smoking related cancers are fatal within a year or less of diagnosis. Also, smoking is a major risk facor for many other cancers including esophageal cancer (which also has a VER LOW survival rate), cancers of the urinary bladder, oral cavity, etc. etc. Second, unlike the ridiculous claims of the OP, smoking is a MAJOR risk factor for cardiovascular disease accounting for about 30% of the nearly 1 MILLION heart attacks and 250,000 deaths each year due to coronary heart disease in the United States alone. Smoking also nearly DOUBLES the risk of ischemic stroke. Of course, smoking is the leading risk factor for the development of some chronic lung diseases as well, epecially emphysema and chronic bronchitis.
It is my hope that the original poster's views don't reflect the current state of health education and awareness in the frum community at large.
Reply:  Thanks for the info.
It is scary.

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