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Author:  SR
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Date:  2/14/2006 8:30:00 AM
Subject:  double ring wedding
Message:  Why is a double ring ceremony a problem? Can't we just focus on the fact that he gave her a ring and said "harei at mekudeshet le"?

also, is it a problem for a man to get a ring later, e.g. in the yichud room to wear?
Reply:  It is a telltale sign that it is probably not being done according to Halacha. However, if there would be two kosher witnesses, it would still be a real marriage. It would have to be verified. It wouldn't make any difference who the Rabbi is or what brand of Judaism he markets.

There is no problem to get it later. The problem is, when it is given as part of the 'ceremony' that we call a Chupah, it is a sign of something amiss.


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