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Author:  harry
E-mail:  harry@erols.com
Date:  2/12/2006 7:32:00 PM
Subject:  Kabala
Message:  I am starting to see a trend now where this whole Kabbalah craze is starting to seep into the community, several people i know are learning on thier own and trying to understand kabbalah in order to "sanctify" real kabbalah against that which Madonna and her chevre learn. I am seeing them falling into depression and confusion and its leading to massive issues in thier lives, marriages and parnassah. Things like throwing bread, tikun chaztot and shiluach hakan and many other things are trying to be "understood" by these people and its driving them mad. What advice does one give to these people who are intelligent people yet they are using excuses like "its chasidus" or "so and so or such and such rabbi said this..." many of them learn alone at night and wind up exausted, depressed and confused... How do you explain to people that we live in times where a person needs to maintain mental stability, focus and general basics of Torah without going mad about the other stuff that will complicate thier lives? Seems like things are being glossed over because they are too basic, not spiritual enough or the mitzva is too basic and they need to do more complex mitzvot. These are intelligent, professionals who have become blurred because thier egos have taken over. They dont learn with a Rav and tend to think that they see things that others dont. I am seeing it more and more often now and its getting scary,...
Reply:  The only thing that will help them is learning Tanach, Gemara, Shulchan Aruch and most importantly getting a Rov.
This stuff is only a feel good thing for them and it is shortlived which then leads to depression. Maybe the feeling can be compared to a quickfix from a drug. If they were Talmidei Chachomim who learned everything, maybe

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