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Author:  coming back
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Date:  2/12/2006 1:25:00 AM
Subject:  Black Hat for CYA
Message:  I'm one of those guys returning back to yidishkeit. One thing that bothers me alot is, the hats that people wear whenit is raining outside. Does Hashem really want people to wear a hat even if it looks like it was run over by a car?
Reply:  Welcome back.
First of all, 'never judge the Jewish religion by the Jews'(R' Noach Weinberg), so just hang in there and do your thing. Try to ignore these ideas that the Yetzer Hara puts in you head. It is people like you, who he hates most. He once had you all wrapped up and you stuck to him. Hashem should give you strength to keep growing.
Second of all, I agree with you, that it is not respectful to daven that way. It is okay if they wear it to and from shul, but not while davening. Maybe he has no money and wants to save his good hat. Then he can wear it shul but not for davening. It's like having a big ugly stain on your clothing while davening.

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