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Author:  A. L.
E-mail:  ledererlaw@gmail.com
Date:  2/7/2006 7:43:00 PM
Subject:  Wearing a cross
Message:  If, as part of a graduation for a catholic college, students are expected to wear a gown provided by the school which contains a cross on it, is it OK to wear the gown, because it is understood by all those gathered that many, if not most, of the graduating class is not catholic.
Or, am I required to ask the Dean if he can make an exception for Jewish students, which might offend him, and others attending the college. Also, the college is very open and welcoming of Jewish student and they might think that we don't appreciate their efforts. "I wear a kippa at Jewish events, why can't they wear a cross at non-Jewish events," he might think.
Reply:  Ask them to make an exception and they will understand.

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