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Author:  Mikael Kavian
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Date:  2/7/2006 11:36:00 AM
Subject:  Re: hair dye AND OTHER HAIR QUESTION
Message:  Date: 1/26/2006 9:05:00 AM
Subject: hair dye
Message: Can a man dye his hair,if grey hair cause him distress?If so,is there a problem with having a chazizah for tefillin?please answer question

Reply: Yes, it is not a chatzitza

Even if it is not a chaziza, is it not an issur for a man to pluck out or DYE even ONE single white hair. The Rambam holds it is an issur de'oraita based on the Lav of Lo Yilbash Gever Simlat
Isha. He permits it only for Refuah purposes.

Is this so? Or does this not apply?

On the same note, HILCHOT AVODAT KOCHAVIM, PEREK YUD-BET, HALACHA TET: hair removal in the bet shechi would be permitted nowadays on the precept in the second part of the halacha? (since many men do do this).
Reply:  many men dye their hair today.
It's ok.

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