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Author:  jay
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Date:  2/6/2006 11:34:00 AM
Subject:  rings and washing
Message:  someone recently criticized me for not taking off my ring when washing, i never have in all my years. i assumed that since i dont take it off for anyting, even for dirty work, and it isnt that tight,water does come underneth it, there is not problem....
have i been wrong all hese years?

it reminds me of all these annoying new discoveries lately that cast aspersions on old time orthodox people and how we lived. attracting new neurotics and driving masses of normal people even futher away.

i compliment you for showing there is logic and teason to pra ctice of mitzvos
Reply:  It is no problem. If you bump into that guy again, ask him to look at the Halachot of how to give rebuke and when. Hopefully he won't do it to someone who is a little weak in his Judaism.

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