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Author:  Lauren
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Date:  2/4/2006 10:12:00 PM
Subject:  lighting candles
Message:  though at the present time i dont keep shabbat, i was braught up frum, and am slowly making my way back. i started with kosher food and now am in the midst of kashering my kitchen. i would like to take upon myself to light a candle when shabbat starts to at least symbolize that i accept the shabbat and that its here. is that allowed even though im not realy keeping it to the full extent? (i dont work on shabbat but i will watch tv and drive)
Reply:  First of all, welcome back. Kol Hakovod. It is a very hard thing that you are doing. Good for you. If you have some spare time, I'd love to know your trials and tribulations. I am involved with some teenagers who have left the fold for a while and are returning. I always am curious to hear the diffferent trips that people have to endure till they return. AND most importantly, what ignited the spark in your holy neshama.

It is always hard to understand the Gemara that says 'In a place where Baalei Teshuva stand others cannot stand'. I believe that Gemara, when identified with FFBs who went off is very understanable. Because a person who was pushed away from Judaism and still comes back is on an amazing level. (This is not to take away from BTs, so don't write me some nasty emails)

You are allowed to light the candles even if you don't keep other Halachos. Every mitzva a person does, brings him closer to Hashem. Slowly but surely you will reach the level that you are happy at, which will be a frum person. I say that, because a 'real' frum person is very happy with his lot in life no matter the situation.

There is nothing wrong with doing things slowly. In fact, many of the people who change over night, don't stay that way. A drastic change is usually a recipe for disaster in almost all aspects of life.

Please let me finish with a Bracha, that you should be successful in all your endeavors and Hashem should answer all your prayers for the good.


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