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Author:  Sam Zygler
E-mail:  szygler@comcast.net
Date:  2/3/2006 3:13:00 AM
Subject:  Shaalot v'Tshuvot
Message:  Dear Rabbanim,

Although you are worthy of much greater praise than I can confer upon you, it is a pleasure to read your "Back to Basics" approach to Halachot issues. I have long enjoyed your logical and rational view of Torah and Mitzvot, which I find reminiscent of that of the Rambam. Judaism has become a topsy turvy world of Assurim and Chumrim, with a good dose of superstition and ignorance thrown into the mix. To those who give you a difficult time I would simply like to ask:

Why are there 4153 Shaalot about issues relating to Kashrut (general and Pesach) and 1504 about Shabbat and Chagim, while there are only 507 questions about Tfiloh and Brachot, 397 about Taharat Mishpacha, 388 about ethics, and a paltry 120 about Dinei Mamanot? Have even the Litvaks forgotten their own Rav Yisroel Salanter' who admonished his Shochet that there is greater need to be wary of violating Halachot in regard to people's money than there is need to be wary of violating Halachot regarding Nevelot and Treifot?

Sad, is it not?

Sam Zygler
Reply:  Interesting thought.
Part of it, is because initially this site began as a Kosher for Passover list. However, it has expanded to other issues but never to the extent of the Passover list. Not a good explanation for the mamanot part of your question

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