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Author:  suri
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Date:  1/30/2006 5:02:00 PM
Subject:  gum after meal
Message:  Dear Rabbi,
I have a question that comes up many times.

If i washed for hamotzey ate a bread meal.. but at the end feel like chewing gum, how do i go about the brachos?
do i bentch then afterwards make a bracha on the gum with out a bracha acharona
or do i make the bracha on the gum before i bentch but only bentch once im finished with the gum?

Reply:  This a logistical question. If you plan on sitting where you ate till you finish chewing, then it makes no difference when you make the bracha. You never make a Bracha achrona on gum. However, if you are leaving the table, then you must bench before you leave the table.

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