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Author:  Jay
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Date:  1/12/2006 11:20:00 AM
Subject:  Ohr Yitzchok link
Message:  The link on this website to order Sefer Ohr Yitzchok depicts a sefer turned face down on a table. According to the Gemarah in Eruvin 98a, Tur Yorah Deah 277, 1 and RAMBAM Hilchos Tefillin 1, 17, it is forbidden to put Torahs, Tefilin parshiyot or Megillas down on their face (words touching the surface) because it is a "Bizayon". They all suggest that if one is afraid that the print will get ruined because it would be exposed, they should cover it with a cloth (or fold it-RAMBAM) rather than turn it face down. Shouldn't the same apply to our seforim nowadays (the BA"CH explicitly implies that this applies to all seforim)?
Reply:  Agreed. It is also forbidden to put a hat, jacket, or anything on a sefer etc..... You're also not allowed to sit on a bench with a sefer next to you-wether it's upright or not.

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