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Author:  Hayim
E-mail:  hayim32@aol.com
Date:  1/10/2006 1:16:00 PM
Subject:  birth control - other possibilities
Message:  A religeous couple is maried and has 3 boys and 2 girls below 5 - the couple cannot cope with additional children at this time. The wife is not willing to use birth control pills so to has chosen abstinence to prevent additional pregnancy for now and perhaps for the long term.

What options are reccomend in this case ?
Reply:  Psychologist. A few years ago maybe a Rov would have helped. I think it is too late for that. There are very few Rabbonim left that are saying a blanket no to birth control nowadays. With all the terrible problems that are happening to post partum women, their husbands and their children. The childen suffer, especially the older ones, who have to be mothers, because their parents want to have a bunch of children. I personally have been and am involved with teenagers who feel very strongly about this issue. One girl told me, "I daven that my older sister doesn't get married till I go to seminary so that I don't have to be the step mother".

I'm not getting into the issue, but it is a very serious issue. Many men do not realize the severity and do not give the extra ........... that is needed during the time after a baby is born. I don't mean for the first week. I mean the first years. Especially when both are working/learning.

Please don't send me a bunch of replies that I missed or .... I just felt I should touch on the tip of this evergrowing iceberg.

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