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Author:  SR
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Date:  1/9/2006 2:47:00 PM
Subject:  mixed seating article in Jewish Press
Message:  I was reading through some of the old posts on these pages and found myself going through all of the posts regarding mized seating at weddings. I was wondering what you thought about the recent articles in the Jewish Press.

In short, the author said that we gedarim such as the hilchot of yichud, shomer negiah to block improper actions between the sexes. Therefore, separate seating is a geder around a geder and is not necesary.

btw, his article stems from the shiduch scene and how there are so many singles out there. He says that if mixed seating wedding led to 1 marriage for every wedding, we could limit the problems out there for singles.
Reply:  Interesting. I think if people were more in touch with their character, we would have an easier time developing lasting relationships.

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