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Author:  Annie
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Date:  1/9/2006 1:40:00 PM
Subject:  Birkat Hamazon
Message:  Hi Rabbi-
I have a question regarding making hamotzi on Shabbat-
After Kidush hamotzi is said- now if i only eat a bite of the piece of bread that was thrown to me- do i still say Birkat hamazon at the end of the meal? What is considered a kezayit of bread? And if i dont eat that kezayit do i still say Birkat hamazon at the end- since i did do netilat yadayim and said hamtzi?
please let me know since i have this dilemma every week.. thanks!
Reply:  Don't throw bread.

Eat a measurement called a Kazayit which is equal to half a normal egg.

Why are you not eating more? Is it a diet?

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