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Author:  samuel
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Date:  1/7/2006 4:30:00 PM
Subject:  Segulot
Message:  Rabbi, Lately there's much talk about applications of all kinds of Segulot. For instance reading Pereq shira for 40 days straight, reading the song of songs for 30 days, 18 rotel, visiting the kotel for 40 days to mention few..

What can we make of this ? What ever happened just to keep the misvoth, go out and do hesed and recite Berrachot with proper kavanah ? I am sure this is part of the "Instant" theory. I also believe that when such segulot are brought down in the Gemarrah, it was based on empirical statistic proof?

Are you aware of any segolot that have proven themselves? How should we react when "religious" leaders mention of all kinds of Segulot as they do on the Hareidi religious stations in Israel?

Reply:  I always said that if God really wanted to have us keep his laws, he should have made them all Segulot....
The law is the main thing the Segulot &/or superstitions are a distant second.

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