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Author:  Wondering
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Date:  1/5/2006 8:56:00 AM
Subject:  Praying for Sharon
Message:  Rabbis, please help me with this question . . .

Many of us have strongly wished Sharon would leave office because we believe he is dangerous to Israel--especially after he engineered the removal of Jews from Gaza and parts of Judea and Sumaria. He has spoken arrogantly of dividing Jerusalem. He has publically violated many important mitzvot.

Instead of leaving office healthy, he has, unfortunately, undergone a stroke and is sitting helpless in the hospital. (Upon hearing this I, of course, said the blessing, " . . . Hshm the True Judge.")

I don't wish him any personal ill will, but I am conflicted about praying for him--especially in public.

What is the Halacha about these circumstances? What does one do when faced with praying for a man who is not personally a enemy, but you feel is an enemy of Israel and her people?

If you don't want to reply publically, I understand. It is a difficult and perplexing problem wrought with political implications.


Reply:  I will not answer that question. However, if you saw what Pat Robertson said about the situation, it should shed some light on what every Jew should be thinking but is afraid because....
Pretty strange, no?


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