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Author:  Mark
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Date:  12/28/2005 10:59:00 AM
Subject:  Animal Suffering
Message:  Hello and thanks once again for your selfless efforts on behalf of the Klal,

I have never been into animal rights and frankly, I've always considered animal rights activists to be crazy - until recently.

Yesterday, I saw a video from China that was from an Asian-based organization against animal suffering. This was no PETA video. What I saw will surely give me nightmares. I cannot comprehend the level of cruelty that man has attained. Raccoons, minks, bunny rabbits, dogs (!), etc were literally beaten, their legs cut off and skinned alive. That's right the animals were still alive after their legs were cut off and their skin was removed!

If the animals were killed in a humane way then it wouldn't upset ,me so much but the animals were tourtured beyond belief. Torture has a whole new meaning to me. What was even more terrible was the Chinese people were laughing during the process!

My wife recently bought an expensive coat with a raccoon fur trim on the hood. Sure enough, the coat is made in China. If it was my coat I would remove the fur but I am not going to make trouble with my wife. After all, it was I who told her I loved it when we were shopping.

Anyway, I am writing to inquire as to the Halachic stance on this issue. Surely we know that Tzar Baalei Chaim is a serious transgression, but now that we know what the animals endure (at least the ones in China) are we permitted to buy/wear fur?

Thank you so much
Reply:  There is no need to torture animals to get their skin, or their fur, or their meat.

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